This was the question of the first edition of new Arab Debates on October 20th, 2011:
This House be lie ves that in the ir first free e lections, Tunisians have nothing to fear from the Islamists.

Here is my introduction:

In my opinion, we should not fear, but we should be careful. Tunisians gained awareness and they are not ready to compromise this unique opportunity of freedom and democracy by giving keys of their future to people who act differently from what they prone. Or to people who advocate a parliamentary system where the majority will act without control! They want a dictatorial model. The issue with Islamist parties is that they are using democraty to damp it as they do not believe in it!
We have noticed that during the transition process preparation Ennahdha party has participated actively in defining election rules and once it was done they left the Instance in order to stop the law concerning political parties and just yesterday, during its press conference, Mr Ghannouchi statements were really dangerous! How a serious party can claim that he will win the elections by giving a percentage? and if won't happen therefore Ennahdha will demolish any government? We also heard them claiming that they defend freedom but they are main supporters of censorship (Internet, Movies, etc…)

In fact this is what bothers me: The double language islamists are using since years!
They claim things in front of Foreign medias and they say the opposite on the ground! For instance, regarding women rights (Mr Ben Salem in Ecchourouk of April 11 insinuating that women remains unmarried because of laws protecting them ....too much) on the other hands in their program, they claim that they will not touch this law) What to believe??

Regarding keeping mosques out of the political game, they claim it every day, but they do the opposite on the field We 've seen them preaching for Ennahdha or against their competitors, replacing agressively imams, etc…The same thing about applying Chariaa, each day we have contradicted statements…

We heard them during the campaign arguing that not voting for ennahdha is haram! They do not respect the name of the game, the game of loyal competition. Their arguments are based on beliefs and threats.
Last but not least, the last event concerning Persepolis film is enough revealing how they will treat freedom in the future and people who does not have the same opinion and the way of living. In fact the biggest danger is that Islamist supporters are considering themselves as Soldiers of God and the unique defenders of Islam and thus stigmatizing the others!
The threat is that in name of Islam, they proclaim their selves defenders of the Revolution. I would like to remember the audience that benali was hard on freedom, islamists threaten also individual liberties!

Here is a link for the debate.